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Our Courses

Part-time courses designed to fit into your workweek. Our instructors are Real-World Experts working for governments such as Netherlands, Switserland, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Bangladesh.

Here are a few courses you're going to love!

Long Term Infrastructure Planning Illustration

Long Term Infrastructure Planning

Understanding the world of infrastructure, its players and develop your own successful project pipeline.

4Scene: the big risk game Illustration

4Scene: the big risk game

This game assists the parties involved in developing the right strategy in developing their projects.

Managing Risks in a PPP Contract Illustration

Managing Risks in a PPP Contract

Understanding the major risks in a PPP Contract and ways to mitigate those risks.

Project Cycle pie chart

Project Cycle

Every course is applicable in a particular phase or phases of the Project Development Cycle.
Please take a look at our Project Cycle index for an overview of all courses, or select a Phase to see its associated courses:

1. Initiation2. Definition3. Development4. Procurement5. Award6. Implementation7. Closure

Student Reviews

We encourage rating your experience in a course as an easy way to give instructors feedback on how to improve and to help potential students select the right course. You can leave a review at anytime after starting the course.
This is what our participants had to say:

Josh Hudson
Project Manager - Dutch Government
I never thought preparing tenderdocuments involved so many stakeholders. The project preparation course involved all of our stakeholders and was a intense and neccesary workshop. This project preparation course saved us an incredible amount of time!
Scottie Harp
Tender Manager - Norwegian Government
The dialogue simulation training was a blast! This intense course was the perfect preparation for our tender and it reflected exactly how it would be in real life.
Jim Fullerton
Self employed professional
I wish I had known about AISID sooner! The Contract Management in the O&M-phase course made our senior experts aware that managing contracts doesn't stop after the realisation-phase.
Government official of Sri Lanka
The preparation of our first Infrastructure PPP was quite a blast. The instructors were very kind to share their knowledge and pointed at Risks we hadn't forseen. Getting AISID onboard is added value to your projectteam.

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