Managing Risks in a PPP Contract

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Understanding the major risks in a PPP Contract and ways to mitigate those risks.

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Risk in a PPP relates to uncertain outcomes / circumstances that effect provision of services or the financial viability of a project.  If not mitigated, there is a loss that will have to be paid/carried by someone in the partnership.  These can include:

  • Construction delays
  • Loss of revenue
  • Political risk
  • Environmental disasters

Understanding risks and managing these risks is essential for a successful PPP Contract.

What you'll learn

Participants will - learn about the major risks in a contract, specially a PPP contract; - understand their origin and who is responsible; - learn ways to identify those risks - learn how to manage those risks - cases as example - work on a case

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Course type: Capacity Building
Institution: PPP University
Prerequisites: None.
Duration: 2
Project Development
Meta information: Understanding and Managing Risks is a PPP Contract
Keywords: PPP, Contract, Risks
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