Information about our organisation

Our Vision

To be recognized as the world's trusted PPP academy for its innovation, impartial advice and implementation support.

We are committed to providing the best capacity building and policy dialogue assistance in the industry. Beyond that, we also want to help you be positive catalysts for the quality of your country’s infrastructure, and to the self-esteem of the emerging practitioners who work in the PPP field, through enabling the creation of attractive development opportunities for young professionals and in particular women.

Our Organization

AISID is an international, independent and impartial nonprofit organization established in 2018 to share knowledge about Public-Private Partnership Procurement in emerging economies.

Our multinational team of infrastructure experts have a combined experience of over 200 years’ in infrastructure planning, development, financing, implementation, and operations globally.

We have all held senior positions at the United Nations, the World Bank, national and local governments, think tanks, universities and private sector international infrastructure firms.

We internationally cooperate with the World bank, Asian Development Bank, IFC, EBRD, SIF and G20 and cooperate with top universities worldwide and already have shared our knowledge with over 36.000 students and professionals.

Our Mission

AISID’s affiliated experts train and advise government institutions and agencies around the world, with a focus on giving them the confidence to successfully implement technically demanding PPP projects.

AISID's team members work exclusively for the public sector: We help governments understand which projects are best suited for a PPP model and which are not, and advise them about alternative procurement possibilities.

It must be pointed out the PPPs are not always a panacea for infrastructure development funding gaps; hence governments need to know the pitfalls of PPP projects, understand the reasons why PPP projects have failed and what must be done to lead projects to a successful outcome throughout their decision-making process. The decision not to promote some PPP project candidates - which are not financially feasible - can save the public sector a considerable amount of otherwise wasted resources.

We use advanced and proactive training and teaching methods to transfer knowledge and practical know-how effectively. We use simulations, gaming, team-building and interactive workshops to engage with our audiences, rather than giving one-way lectures.

Participants and PPP Professionals are welcome to stay in touch with us for any advice or support they may need and become part of our network of professionals who are constantly contributing to the improved practice of PPPs around the globe.

Updated and effective: March 27, 2019.